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Ho Ho Ho Addicts,

We have a ton of new features we will be adding throughout this month like:
- Trails and Chat Color for donators
- Pots for KitPVP
- Shop expansion in Skyblock
- Auction house
- Trading
- & More!

Skyblock Event: Whoever is #1 on /is top by the end of this month will get a reward.

If you are filling out an application, please do not ask staff to look at it, we will promote people when we feel that they are ready for it.

Any donations received are very much appreciated and go towards adding cool new features and expanding the network for all players to enjoy.

Lastly, for the whole month of December, all items in the store will be 25% off with a special surprise at the end of the month!

START DATE: December 1, 2018

END DATE: December 31, 2018
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