Aeiownu Intro

Hey Everyone!:):p;)

I have streamed for about 2 years now (aeiownu1)(y), I own a Marketing Firm that specializes in rebuilding companieso_O. I Have gamed for a very long time now and have always found my way back to Minecraft:love:. I stopped streaming about 3 months ago because business has picked up so much so I needed to get back to a game where I can casually play anytime I have free time:confused:. I am relearning everything but understand Redstone circuitry very well. My best creation was a Calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide:cool:. The Ram on the calculator was not my design. Anyways I plan on being here for a while and having a good time. I really don't like immature people who say stupid things, Just so everyone knows that up front. Other than that I am ready to build this Server up with the owners anyways I can!:giggle:
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